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Written by Tanja Trojan

Germany – March 20, 2022


»Just being alive isn’t enough«, said the butterfly…

»I need sunshine, freedom and a little flower field as well…«


Hans-Christian Andersen


Once upon a time, there was an absolutely beautiful, colourful butterfly. His name was Papillon, and he lived at the edge of a field of flowers. He had family and friends – some were butterflies like him, but there were also bees, bumblebees, flies, snails, and other summer creatures. Most of them dreamed of flower fields above all else, and they were very happy and content.

But Papillon had learned early on that he needed to be careful. The others told him danger could be lurk anywhere. Grown-ups constantly warned him he mustn’t fly too high or alight on too many different flowers in one day.

The dainty, featherlight butterfly took this advice seriously and listened carefully to what his elders had to say. Surely they knew best, after all.

„You’d better not do that…stop that…“ they told him every day. Slowly but surely, Papillon lost heart. He sat all the live-long day in his home and couldn’t quite bring himself to go outside.

Papillon had a very special home. He lived in a box made of fine and extremely valuable gold tissue paper. It had enormous windows that gave him a great view of the flower field. Papillon’s house always protected him well – he didn’t feel the wind and stayed dry. Some of the other insects even envied him because of that. They were happy to come visit him because his home was so comfortable. But oddly enough, nobody wanted to switch homes forever.

His friends were a bit surprised and kept asking Papillon, „Hey, how come you don’t play and fly with us in the field very much? And how come you don’t collect any pollen or drink any of the honey-sweet nectar from the colourful flowers?“

„No,“ Papillon answered shyly. „I don’t think the flowers taste very good. They’re just so… bitter. And it’s too cold and dark out there for me because of all the wind and rain. I can’t get enough energy like that.“

So Papillon decided to stay in his beautiful home. His family brought flowers home for him every now and again. He drank their nectar, which stilled his hunger a little bit.

One day, Papillon went on vacation in a faraway country. It was a land of many curiosities at the other end of the world. None of his friends had travelled that far before. They did not have enough courage or energy for the long and weary flight, and they had heard too many strange and eerie stories about that place. Rumour had it that country was dangerous and full of poisonous animals. Some things in life were quite different there – and others were even upside-down!

Surprisingly, that was no problem at all for Papillon. He had a special feeling deep in his heart that was difficult to describe… perhaps it was a kind of yearning. It felt as though he had already dreamed of this faraway country…

Deep inside, he felt a connection to this distant, unknown continent. He felt as though he had already been there… He somehow felt deeply bound to it. That is why it was not difficult at all for him to set off on the long and weary journey. It was as if he could hear an inner voice whispering, „Be brave, Papillon, it will be worth the effort!“

At first, he thought that was impossible; who was speaking with him? That simply could not be. But he heard the voice more clearly every day and felt energy mounting within him; it gave him the strength he needed for his long journey.


Many things really were different in the distant land. The sun shone more brightly in the sky and warmed the entire country. Wherever he went, the air smelled delicious because of all the special flowers and plants. The birds sang gorgeous songs. Papillon’s heart started dancing the instant he heard this music.

He didn’t know what to say, but he could feel more than ever before. He had the indescribably grand feeling he was home. Papillon carefully spread his wings and seemed to glide weightlessly through the air. He enjoyed the warm rays of sun and gathered more energy with every beat of his wings. He felt as though he were drinking the valuable elixir everyone needs to live.

Strangely enough, the colour of his wings changed again. Papillon suddenly started looking more like the native butterflies. Now how could that be?

Had someone mistaken him as a baby caterpillar? Or had he accidentally taken an unwanted trip, driven on by the wind and rain? Destined for country he wasn’t supposed to live in? Some things in life are simply inexplicable. And indescribable.

But Papillon knew one thing for certain: This was where he belonged – he had found his ideal flower field.

Every day he tried many new flowers, and each nectar tasted better than the last. He could no longer imagine going without a single flower. He couldn’t even fathom living in a butterfly house. Here Papillon could simply be who he was. He enjoyed pure freedom and complete happiness for the rest of his butterfly’s life.

He finally felt RIGHT from the bottom of his heart!


– The End –


© 2022 Courtesy of Tanja Trojan / Trojan-ArT (Germany)


»Born and grew up in Kiel as an original „Kiel Sprat“, I still live at the beautiful Baltic Sea. Shy of water at first, I couldn’t imagine living without the Ocean by now. Since the beginning I had this grand yearning for Australia and it’s unique culture.

According to my High School I graduated my education as an administrative assistant in a Media Company of Nothern Germany. Since my parental leave I am busy as a manager of family at home and in my leisure time I’m juggling with the huge range of interests.

During a few magical journeys through Australia, where I learned a lot about this special country with the oldest living culture, I now can say, my heart beats Australian. Sadly I couldn’t stay but therefore I put the Australian Spirit into my stories or my „Songpaintings“. My own combination of music and the Australian Dotpainting. It’s my kind of Dreaming the World.« Tanja Trojan

Germany – March 20, 2022 / Trojan-ArT




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