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Çiğdem Gül

Founder, Networker, Publicist, Author


Çiğdem Gül, born 1971 in Gümüşhane / Eastern Turkey is a Turkmen nomad with Alevi-Turkish origin, Persian roots and German citizenship. She spent the first years of her life in a small village in Anatolia. Back then there was no infrastructure, no shops, no library, no electricity, no heating, no hot water, no sink, no television, no telephone, no dining table on four legs and no kindergarten. But a high rate of child mortality and a different sense of time. She is lucky enough to be one of the surviving children who had the priceless luxury of also living in Eastern civilization. She was 4 years old, when her family immigrated from Turkey to Germany. The change from Eastern civilization to Western civilization was not an easy time for her, being confronted with a culture, which was foreign and contrary to her former life.

Çiğdem Gül grew up in Duisburg / Germany and went through her school career there. During her high school time at the „Hauptschule“ she received her first support from her Turkish teacher Mr. Fakir Baykurt, who is also a very well-known writer in Turkey, and from the principal of the high school.

With her gift of making the best of everything, the visionary, as a secondary school student at that time, as an unrecognized gifted child and adult, and later as a single parent, could fulfill her dream of having a master degree in Economic Science (Business Adminstration & Economics).

With her humane, multi-perspective and multicultural attitude, Çiğdem Gül always looks at all issues from the perspective of human rights. And so it happened that on May 4th, 2019 she gave her lecture „Ethics for She-Conomy: Success Strategies from Developing Countries“ in Frankfurt am Main / Germany at Europe’s leading trade fair congress for women and career „women&work“ on the main topic „Humanism 4.0″. Her presentation was based on her multilingual, personal interviews with very well-known and successful women in Argentina, Colombia, Pakistan and Turkey.



Economic Science at the Bergische University of Wuppertal / Germany.
Contents of the elective course: Economics, International Management & Business Organisation, Labour & Social Law, Economy Education, Economy of Media.
Degree: Graduate Economist (equivalent to MBA).
Resumption of studies after parental leave.
Change from Hochschule Bremen (City University of Applied Science) to Bergische University of Wuppertal.


The spectrum of Çiğdem Gül´s previous professional fields extends in the areas of Business Administration and Economy – Law – Business Consulting, Business Coaching, Intercultural Coaching, Training – Public Relations – Art, Culture and Theatre.



Change Management Consultant, Business Coach & Trainer- until to date
Self-employed custodian of persons of full age with the collaboration of the 3 Local Courts in NRW, office Gül, „Betreuungsbüro Gül“. Among other tasks, she was responsible for the tasks of managing and selling of Real Estate.
Manager of Human Resources and Administration
As a student at the time, her one-year own empirical survey at the Institute of Applied Trade Research at the University of Bremen. Theme of her survey: „Similarities and differences between small and medium-sized companies of German and Turkish origin.



Employee with consulting tasks at German federal employment agency
Contributing expert on refugee issues in ajob-related 6-month professional project for refugee women
Business Coach for small and medium-sized companies on the topics of change processes
Intercultural Coach For The Gifted, Highy Gifted and Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP)
Lecturer in Adult Education
Support teacher for Italian pupils at elementary and secondary schools, at an Italian association that was in cooperation with the Italian consulate in Cologne



Self-employed custodian of persons of full age (natives, migrants and asylum seekers) with the collaboration of 3 local courts in NRW, „Betreuungsbüro Gül“.
Case Guardian (Verfahrenspflegerin) at a local court. A Case Guardian she had the task of representing the interests of her clients concerned in proceedings at the local court. She thus had the same rights and obligations as a lawyer for her clients.
Court Interpreter for the Turkish language at several local courts



Founder, publicist, author & networker of the worldwide „Intercultural Network For The Gifted“.
Speaker & exhibitor at Europe’s leading trade fair congress „woman&work“ for women and career with the focus 2019 „Humanism 4.0″ on May 4, 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. – https://www.womenandwork.de/english/ – Topic of the lecture: „Ethics for She-Conomy: Success Strategies from Developing Countries“. The findings are based on her personally conducted interviews with successful and famous female interviewees in Argentina, Pakistan, Colombia and Turkey.
Journalist for the language combination Turkish, German and English
Essayist, playwright (also staging of self-written plays and scenes in German and Turkish)
Online Marketing Manager



Worldwide art, culture and peace work at the „Intercultural Network For The Gifted“.
After two years of participation and experience in acting classes & projects, Çiğdem Gül had different roles in various theatrical and dance theatrical projects, and she contributed to the staging of self-written plays and scenes in German and Turkish until 2012.


Please refer to Çiğdem Gül´s webseite for more detailed information:

Website: www.interkulturellhochbegabte.de

E-Mail address: info@interkulturellhochbegabte.de