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Çiğdem Gül, born in 1971, is a Turkmen nomad with Turkish origin, Persian roots and German citizenship, Alevi, migrant and mother. Her ancestors came from Khorasan. This is a historical region in Central Asia between northeast Iran and northwest Afghanistan in the area of what is now Iran, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Çiğdem Gül was four years old when she and her family immigrated from a small village in Anatolia to Germany. The change from Eastern civilization to Western civilization was not an easy time for her, being confronted with a culture, which was foreign and contrary to her former life.

But how did the way look like for a woman who gave her lecture about „Ethics for She-Conomy: Strategies for Success from Developing Countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Pakistan and Turkey“ on May 4th 2019 at Europe’s largest trade fair congress for women and career „women&work“ with the main emphathis on „Humanism 4.0” (based on multilingual self-conducted interviews with very well-known and successful women) and presented the „Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted“ in Frankfurt/Main in Germany with her team at her booth?

Çiğdem Gül spent the first years of her life in a small village in Gümüşhane in Anatolia. Back then there was no infrastructure, no shops, no library, no electricity, no heating, no hot water, no sink, no television, no telephone, no dining table on four legs and no kindergarten. But a high rate of child mortality and a different sense of time. She is lucky enough to be one of the surviving children who had the priceless luxury of also living in Eastern civilization.

Çiğdem Gül grew up in Duisburg / Germany and went through her school career there. During her high school time at the „Hauptschule“ she received her first support from her Turkish teacher Mr. Fakir Baykurt, who is also a very well-known writer in Turkey, and from the principal of the high school.

Despite the lack of adequate support as a migrant child who was a highly gifted high school student, Çiğdem Gül managed to fulfill her dream and successfully completed her studies at the University of Wuppertal in 2005 as a graduate economist.

Çiğdem Gül’s range of professions to date in a wide variety of industries, leadership roles, activities and experiences is diverse, multi-layered, cross-cultural and extends, among other things, to professions as an Economist, Change Management Consultant, Business Coach for change processes in the company, Intercultural Coach for the Highly Gifted and Highly Sensitive, since 1998 Freelance Journalist reporting in both languages German and Turkish, five years freelance Legal Advisor for three local courts, judicially appointed by court order, Court Interpreter for the Turkish language at several local courts, Online Marketing Manager, HR and Organization Manager, employment agency with advisory tasks, contributing expert on refugee issues in a job-related project for refugee women, Lecturer, as a student at the time, her own empirical survey at the Institute for Applied Trade For Research by the Bremen University of Applied Sciences about the similarities and differences between Turkish and German small and medium-sized companies, Bank Employees, interns in the protected ward of a psychiatric clinic etc..

Çiğdem Gül’s professional use of the language in Turkish, German, English and Azerbaijani and basic knowledge of French and Arabic, combined with extensive specialist knowledge in various subject areas, enables her to deal professionally in these fields. She is a German and Turkish-speaking author of specialist articles on topics of giftedness and high sensitivity in an intercultural context.

After two years of participation and experience in acting classes, Çiğdem Gül had different roles in various theatrical projects in the following two years, and she contributed to the staging of self-written plays and scenes in German and Turkish.


Çiğdem Gül, with her human attitude, is a „dancer“ between all worlds and cultures.

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