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© Courtesy of Margarita Kareva (Russia). Model: Katya Polubkova (Uzbekistan)


Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted


The metropolis of spirit, cultural diversity, talent and peace



cigdem gül

Founder Çiğdem Gül

Dr. phil. Sathya Alessandra Bernhard_1

Team member Dr. Sathya Alessandra Bernhard  (* 06.03.1965, † 22.02.2022)

Metin Türk_2

Team member Metin Türk



„Not the oak is the model, but the bamboo forests“: Freely based on this motto, the Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted is to be understood as an interculturally diverse and rich totality of innovation, expansion and symphony to all previous established national and international networks for the highly gifted. As a campus for the gifted, highly talented, multi-talented, highly sensitive and synaesthetes, their family members and interested people, the network for visionaries, lateral thinkers and sensitive people from all over the world promotes intercultural encounters and exchange by conveying good and reflected messages in a cross-cultural, multilingual and barrier-free way.

The Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted is not to be understood as a place for accumulation of knowledge on a static website, but rather as a living network. This network lives from the worldwide dialogue, exchange and discussion among members and can be experienced with all senses. Our network also participates in worldwide project activities. We carry out real meetings and encounters and personally conducted interviews and participate, for instance, in the Side Fashion Week in London/England (02/2020), in the German-Colombian Peace Congress in Bogotá/Colombia (2018). The organization cooperates as speaker and exhibitor at Europe’s largest fair-trade congress „woman&work“ in Frankfurt am Main/Germany (05/2019). Another example is Çiğdem Güls’ 14-month worldwide project on „The events of 1915 on the Armenians“ which work side by side with internationally known personalities, members and experts from science, organisations, literature, theatre, art, culture and film industry (07/2020).

The Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted is non-commercial.

The Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted is politically and religiously independent.



The worldwide Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted was founded in May 2015 by the Turkish migrant, Economist and freelance Journalist Çiğdem Gül in Wuppertal / Germany.



A democratic public in an increasingly complex world, a democratic-intercultural cooperation in an increasingly growing diversity and the highly gifted need cross-border awareness, respect, understanding, acceptance, ability to interpret and real rights.

The Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted anchors the subject of giftedness neither as a label nor as an award, but as a much comprehensive topic. We focus on the human being and their needs, on the socialisation, the culture(s), religion and family as well as the social, historical and professional contexts and conditions. We consider all sides from the perspective of human rights and only then in the context of giftedness. It is not enough for us to be „highly intelligent“, „highly gifted“ or „highly creative“. We want to bear responsibility with our portfolio of horizons and possibilities and take action for people on the other side of the world. We are actively committed to fighting injustice and abuse across borders.



See: Mission and Vision

For us, yesterday’s future does not only include talent, creativity and digitalisation, but talent, creativity, digitalisation and ethics.

The future of today is carried by gifted and highly talented people – natives, migrants and refugees alike – as responsible visionaries who (continue to) follow their dreams, make the world a better place and give the diversity of cultures and people a deeper commonality and transcultural identity. Therefore, for our Intercultural Network for Highly Gifted People there are not only a medium and long-term development vision, but a further and above all mission. Together we want to set a new course for much more diversity, deeper community, content, peace, enlightenment, understanding and acceptance, both within the landscape of gifted and highly gifted people and between the normal and the highly gifted world.

Enthusiasm is stronger than fear. The intercultural encounter, enlightenment, exchange, diversity of perspectives and the acceptance of each other and those being different unite us and make us greater. In this way, we claim that the intercultural exchange should be understood as work of peace that makes us stronger.



The Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted is multilingual and addresses people from all continents, countries and cultures.



The spectrum of content on level 1 covers topics such as human rights, history, cultures, natives, indigenous people, ethnology, religions, world politics, minorities, genocide, war, children and grandchildren in war, migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and peace.

Building on this, the spectrum of content on level 2 covers topics such as intelligence, high talent, multiple talent, maximum talent, high sensitivity, synaesthesia, science, journalism, economics, innovation, digitalisation, literature, creativity, art, theatre, music, opera, film, astrophysics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, art of living, nature, spirituality, love, biographies, and interviews with interesting and talented people, etc.



The Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted is regularly supported by more than 300 intellectual experts, authors, art and culture professionals, translators, universities, companies, organizations, foundations and associations worldwide. Furthermore, our members on all continents support our team with contributions, photographs, videos, podcasts, interviews and translations.


© Courtesy of Margarita Kareva (Russia). Model: Katya Polubkova (Uzbekistan)


Giftedness is more than just an IQ level


A conventional IQ test does not cover all attributes of giftedness. In addition to the testable above-average performance types such as linguistic and mathematical abilities, high spatial awareness, retentiveness, etc., there are also at least 12 non-testable characteristics. These include the cultural background and skills that are far above average, such as a very high sense of justice, creativity – also in problem-solving -, intrinsic motivation, special thinking style (three-dimensional, fast, complex and networked thinking), drive for perfectionism, visionary spirit, multi-talented and highly sensitive.


Do you belong to the recognized highly sensitive, highly gifted, multi-talented and/or highly talented?

Have you packed your suitcase and are standing at your front door and realizing that you have to rewrite the script of your own biography around your talent?

What have you experienced so far on your journey to yourself and to your talent in real, emotional, psychological and external ways?

Who was/is/are your travel partner(s)?

Where do you stand now on your long journey? Did your gifted suitcase also touch one or more cultures?

Question upon question.

We are curious about you!… ;-)


We are glad to have you here and look forward to learning more about you.


Çiğdem Gül and
the team of the Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted

Wuppertal / Germany – May 1st, 2015 (Updated on April 08, 2022)

Marta Gómez-Monedero Pérez

Our cooperation partner Marta Gómez-Monedero Pérez

English translation by Marta Gómez-Monedero Pérez.

Marta Gómez-Monedero Pérez is a graduate translator and interpreter for the language combination German, English and Spanish. With Spanish as her mother tongue, Marta supports the Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted and her customers with technical translations in the area of ​​law and technology and accompanies them at trade fairs and negotiations. She has been living in Germany since 2015 and works as a self-employed person based in North Rhine-Westphalia.


Marta´s contact details:
Website: https://marta-gomez.com
E-Mail address: info@marta-gomez.com
Phone number: (+49) 159-06829104