SUDAN: Laarim boys in The Kimotong area of Eastern Equatoria

Torit_Eastern Equatoria_Photographer Trevor Cole

Laarim boys in The Kimotong area of Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan. © Courtesy of Trevor Cole (Ireland)


Çiğdem Gül

Germany – March 18, 2021


In order to understand the self-evident and experiential values of the gifted, highly sensitive and synaesthetes, we need to be familiar with their culture(s), religion, values, social norms and mentality. We do not only want to present the beauty of the most diverse cultures, show their diversity and variety, but we also want to know in which circumstances gifted, highly sensitive and synaesthetes live and what the history of their culture(s) is like. We want to be in dialogue, ask questions, ask for clarification and also point out abuses.

Today we would like to tell the story and background information about this amazing photo through our cooperation partner Mr. Trevor Cole, the internationally renowned photographer.

TREVOR COLE: “Laarim boys in The Kimotong area of Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan. The Boya or Laarim tribe are found in beautiful villages clustered at the foot of these hills. It transpires that the name Boya is incorrect and is a derogatory name given to the tribe by the Topossa, with whom they have conflict. So it’s truly Laarim. We went to their villages (Kerenge) at dawn and the people were wonderful. Friendly and willing to have their photographs taken. The girls are quite extensively scarified (keloidal scarring). They cut themselves with razor blades and then use plant resin. This is common amongst many of the tribes in the Ilemi triangle (Omo Valley, Ethiopia, Turkana, Kenya and Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan). They are also adorned with wonderful beading, nose and ear piercings. The girls are bare breasted but often with a sheet covering one breast. We watched them grinding sorghum into flour using granite stones in hollows hewn by hand over time. Their huts are beautiful with layered thatch, a small doorway and a roof which has a distinctive pinnacle which may not always point directly skywards. You almost expect little gnomes or hobbits to emerge from within. Here they live with age old traditions apart from a few western clothes.“


We thank Mr. Cole for this amazing photo and for the information.


Trevor Cole


Instagram: @trevcole

Facebook site: Alternative Visions – Photography


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