NAMIBIA: Himba man with traditional single braid

Trevor Cole_Himba-man-in-Namibia

Himba man with traditional single braid. The Himba, or Ovahimba, are indigenous peoples with an estimated population of about 50.000 people living in northern Namibia, in the Kunene Region (formerly Kaokoland) and on the other side of the Kunene River in Angola. The Himba are a semi-nomadic and retain a traditional life in a semi arid region. Himba are remarkably famous for covering themselves with otjize paste, a cosmetic mixture of butterfat and ochre pigment, to cleanse the skin over long periods due to water scarcity and protect themselves from the extremely hot and dry climate of the Kaokoland as well as against mosquito insect bites.


Picture thanks to © 2020 Courtesy of Trevor Cole (Ireland)


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