GERMANY: Dr. Silke Schmidt: Escape or Arrival?

Dr. Silke Schmidt

Dr. Silke Schmidt


Escape or Arrival?


They talk about escape




Are we not all refugees?


Sure there is no war here

Or just a different kind?

One without bombs and troops

But with dead ones and wounded

You just have to look


The big city is shining

Full of people



And human-made handcuffs


Some come from afar

Others never come

They follow the images

They are looking for themselves

What they find, stays hidden


Escape knows many reasons

Inner ones

Outer ones

Invisible ones

Hardly anybody reveals them


The words are being read

In many languages

With sounds between the lines

With laughter and shock

Do they reach the audience?


The question remains

Where the path is leading

The one walking in the new city

Sees herself anew

Does it feel like arrival?

Dr. Silke Schmidt

Silke was born (*1983) and raised in Wiesbaden, Germany, where she still lives today. She grew up in a multi-cultural environment, surrounded by people from many different national backgrounds and faiths. She is lucky to have parents who allowed her to travel and to explore the world from childhood onwards. Unlike her parents and counter to her original career plan to become a corporate manager, Silke studied in university and used every opportunity to spend time abroad, e.g., in the U.S., the Middle East, and Africa. After finishing her master’s degree in American Studies, Political Science and Media Studies, she became a scholar and taught American culture and literature for more than ten years as her main occupation, thus gaining a PhD and post-doc degree. Besides her university work, Silke worked and volunteered in different fields, including intercultural and interreligious dialogue, research management, public relations, consulting, and coaching. Her fascination with diversity and intercultural work, as well as her passion for literature and writing took her on a spiritual journey. She got baptized in 2015. In 2021, she started a master’s degree in Protestant Theology. Currently, she is working as a freelancer while preparing for another stay abroad in Lebanon. She considers herself a seeker who is willing to embrace whatever challenge and opportunity life has to offer. Writing is her biggest gift and comfort which she seeks to share with the world to open people’s hearts.


Dr. Silke Schmidt


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