Tägliche Archive: 12. Januar 2021

magali lambert_tu es une merveille
Bild/ Picture thanks to © Magali Lambert (Paris/France)     Dear friends, dear members, dear visitors, of our Intercultural Network For Highly Gifted. . Today we have a special concern. We would like to design our network much more with you. Do you have a topic that interests you? Or […]

Message for you! – Post für Dich! – Sana bir ...

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque_gemalt von Corporate Art Task Force
Bild / Picture „Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque“ thanks to the Founder & Chief Marketing Officer © Mr. Zeeshan Shah from Digital Art Portal: Corporate Art Task Force (CATF) in Pakistan. © All Rights Reserved Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab […]

COMING SOON: „Islam & Giftedness“