Questions to Çiğdem Gül

cigdem guel

What are you particularly interested in our intercultural network for gifted people?

Çiğdem Gül: I am interested in and fascinated by people. And with that connected different worlds with its different cultures, its soul wealth, its diversity, its needs, its development possibilities and its subtlety. Our multilingual network has developed rapidly since it was founded in 2015. This is because we look at the issues primarily from the perspective of human rights, in the way of a dialogue, enlightenment and peacemaking building tolerance, appreciation, acceptance and colorful bridges between the normal world and the highly gifted, highly sensitive and synesthetic world. I am also interested in the fact that our network not only addresses locals, migrants and refugees in Germany, but also people worldwide and invites them to participate and reflect actively, so that our target groups, especially in the digitized world of work, can achieve equal conditions and opportunities.


What does your commitment stand for?

Çiğdem Gül: My commitment is primarily to share my cultural bridges and their translations, versatility, skills, quality in work, enthusiasm and passion with the topics of our Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted worldwide. I would like to make my contribution so that the majority society, the school and university worldwide, the work environment, politics, science, etc. take mediocrity (as the supposed measure of all things) around the needs of the highly gifted, multi-talented, highly gifted, highly sensitive and synesthetic Locals, migrants and refugees alike – expand.

I continue to stand for the further development of our “Intercultural Network for the Highly Gifted” project with my team and to increasingly carry it into real life as a project.

I remain interested, enthusiastic and highly committed.


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