Welcome to our Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted


Currently this network is unique in Germany.

Our INTERCULTURAL NETWORK FOR THE HIGHLY GIFTED is an alternative to the MENSA SOCIETY, which is the worldwide society for the highly gifted. There are 110,000 members of all ages and classes, 12,000 of which are from Germany. The aim of the MENSA SOCIETY is to get highly gifted people into contact, so they can meet, exchange ideas and discuss topics with each other. These meetings can be local, nationwide and international.
Source: https://www.mensa.de/
To become a member of this foundation, you have to present your IQ test with a result of 130 or higher.
In addition to the testable above average characteristics of highly giftedness like mathematical, musical, sporting abilities, and highly spatial visualization ability etc., there are also not yet testable characteristics of highly giftedness. These are for example a high sense of justice, a high creativity – also finding new ways to solve problems -, highly in intrinsic motivation, penchant for perfectionism, visionary sprit, highly sensitivity and scanner personality. Scanners are interested in multiple things, they love learning, their brains work very fast, and they are constantly scanning the horizon for new things. An IQ test is not able to catch and test the  characteristics of the highly giftedness. If your field of giftedness is not within the field of testable characteristics, it can still happen that you fail the IQ test, although you are highly.

Another issue is the topic of cultural factor. As to what extent the IQ test take into account the cultural factor? There is a test named „Culture Fair Intelligence Test“(CFIT). It was constructed by “Raymond B. Cattell, PhD, DSc in an attempt to produce a measure of cognitive abilities that accurately estimated intelligence devoid of socio-cultural and environmental influences. Source:: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cattell_Culture_Fair_III
In my opinion it is still in its infancy, because I think the highly gifted must not be viewed without their cultural socialization. Highly giftedness is therefore not only defined as high intelligence, mathematical and/ or musical abilities etc. An IQ test is not able to catch and test the additional 12 characteristics of the highly giftedness. This is the cause, why many highly gifted people do not make the IQ test.

My aim is to provide an important and common platform for us. So the adult highly gifted, synaesthetes, highly sensitive persons, scanner-personalities, their family members and interested people can across cultures independent from time and place – meet, exchange ideas and discuss topics with each other. They don´t have to present an IQ test with a result of 130 or higher.


Are you a realized highly sensitive, highly gifted and a scanner-personality?

You have already packed your suitcase and you are standing in front of your door with the knowledge to write your script of your biography again?

What kind of real, emotional and psychical experiences you have so far on your journey to yourself?

Who is/are your companions?

Where are you at the moment were on your own long way?

Has your suitcase of highly giftedness been touched by other cultures?


Questions upon questions… I am curious about you!

We are glad that you are here and look forward to learning more about you.


Wuppertal / Germany, May 01, 2015


Çiğdem Gül

Founder & Moderator
of the Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted