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Take part now in the online vote for Çiğdem Gül’s lecture

„Ethics for She-Conomy: Success Strategies from the 3rd World“,

so Çiğdem Gül will give a lecture at Europe’s largest trade fair congress
„woman&work“ for women and career
on May 4, 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany.


Description of Çiğdem Gül´s topic:

Comparison of women in the digitalized world of work in Europe and women in the analogue world of work in Latin America and Asia. The findings are based on personally conducted interviews in the Third World with successful and famous female interviewees in Argentina, Pakistan, Turkey, Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela.


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„Ethics for She-Conomy: Success Strategies from the 3rd World“ and please click on it.


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What benefits does Çiğdem Gül convey to our visitors at the fair through the presentation?

The attitude to life and the successfully mastered ethical challenges of women in the Third World, despite the lack of digitization and the world of work 4.0, give us impressive and innovative strategies for how, with ethics and humanism 4.0, women in Europe can be not only successful in the world of work, but also successful in the long term.


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